Question: Who survived the Cube movie?

Who survives in the Cube movie?

Kazan In this case it is Kazan (Andrew Miller), the only character who survives the cube. Directed by Vicenzo Natali, the story presents seven strangers who are imprisoned within a dazzling cube-like structure.

Is Cube a good movie Reddit?

A brilliant film that shows how good writing can have a massive context that doesnt need to be shown. It is also so subtle it is easy to miss what becomes blatantly clear if you want to look for it. > Cube has so much going for it in its allusion to bigger context.

What is the purpose of the cube movie?

Essentially, the Cube is owned by a rather powerful organization that uses it for prisoners, or people that they want to get rid of. As we see in Cube Zero, when someone in the cube makes it out, they are then questioned about a few things. If they answer wrong they are destroyed.

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