Question: How do you get the true ending in Corpse Party?

True End ★1 Yoshiki Kishinuma and Ayumi Shinozaki attempt to appease the two children spirits whom have taken Mayu Suzumoto hostage in the infirmary. Ayumi hands over the cursed doll to the spirits and they begin to cry. Believing they have been appeased, Ayumi asks them to hand over Mayu and go to heaven.

How do you get all the endings in Corpse Party?

There are several endings within Corpse Party....Requirements:Fail to save Naomi in the girls lavatory.Take Seikos cell phone and Naomis cell phone.Head to the infirmary and talk to Tohko.Head to classroom 5-A.Return to the infirmary and speak to Tohko again.Leave the infirmary to meet Yui.

Who is the killer in Corpse Party?

Sachiko Shinozaki Sachiko Shinozaki (篠崎 サチコ, Shinozaki Sachiko?), or Shinozaki (篠崎, Shinozaki?) (1937/1946 - 1953) is a character introduced in CORPSE-PARTY and was the main antagonist of Heavenly Host saga in the Corpse Party series.

What happened to Naomi after Corpse Party?

Naomi stays after school with her class during Kisaragi Academys cultural festival to listen to Ayumi Shinozakis ghost stories about Heavenly Host Elementary School. Seiko leaves Naomi to rest while she goes out to find Yuka.

What is the story behind Corpse Party?

One rainy night a group of Kisaragi students still at school decide to perform the Sachiko Ever After charm, which will unite them forever as friends. Upon completion of the charm, a sudden earthquake transports them to Heavenly Host Elementary School, which still exists and is haunted by murderous ghosts.

Does Seiko love Naomi?

Seiko says that she loves Naomi and that she wants to marry, hug, and kiss her.

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