Question: What can I say instead of glad to hear?

How do you say nice to hear?

How do you respond to good to hear from you?Thank you! (Good to hear from you too. (The feeling is mutual. (Thanks for hearing me (informal, sarcastic, to a friend)Same here. (I am glad it is. (Or is it? (I know (informal, cocky, shouldnt be used)May 10, 2021

Can you say Glad to hear that in text?

To answer your question, glad to hear the news, glad to hear from you are grammatical and current usage. While you are correct in saying that hearing relates to face-to-face communication, it is often used idiomatically in written communication.

Can you say good to hear in text?

People use good to hear from you or hope to hear from you instead of good to read from you or hope to read from you because sending (and receiving) letters, e-mails, and text messages is not the only communication method in the world.

Does glad help correct?

When you are able to help someone and they thank you, you can say glad to be of help to express that you are happy that you were useful. be of help basically just means be useful/helpful to you.

What is the meaning of Im glad?

1 happy and pleased; contented. 2 causing happiness or contentment. 3 postpositive; foll by: to very willing.

Is it good to hear or glad to hear?

both are appropriate, both are grammatical, and both express the same sentiment.

How do you say Im glad to help?

Alternatives for Happy to HelpId love to help.Certainly.It would be my pleasure.You got it.Not a problem.Dont hestitate to reach out.At your service.Id be more than willing to assist.Feb 19, 2021

What is the meaning of glad to hear?

(Im) (so) glad to hear it/that A phrase used when one is pleased by what someone else has just said. A: We had a great time at your party last weekend. B: Oh, Im so glad to hear that! Oh great, glad to hear it.

What do you mean by good to hear?

When you are happy that someone has contacted you then you say its good to hear from you.

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