Question: What does I will kill you mean?

(one) will kill (someone) One will be extremely, belligerently angry with someone (though not with an actual intent to kill them).

Will kill me meaning?

slang An expression showing ones disdain for whatever one is faced with by humorously stating that one would prefer death. They want me to work this weekend—ugh, kill me! See also: kill.

What does my feet are killing me mean?

I just want to sit down somewhere and relax. My feet are killing me ! Explanation : If you say that something is killing you, you mean that it is causing you physical or emotional pain.

Are you trying to kill me meaning?

expression used to describe an attempt to organize a difficult or unpredictable situation; trying to coordinate a group of people who tend to act chaotically.

What to do if my feet are killing me?

You should also see a doctor if you develop a condition called Plantar Fasciitis. This happens when the bottom of your feet are inflamed. People with arthritis are more prone to this condition. You can also try natural pain relief remedies or a plantar fasciitis chiropractic adjustment.

What does shoot me a text mean?

It means I will send you a text message.

Has been killed Meaning?

Its possible that he has been killed, „Possible means that the reason for the death is yet to be established. On the other hand, I believe, Its possible that he was killed could be used for the old case, when the reason of death is not and can not be established.

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