Question: Where can I get support for breastfeeding?

You can find a peer counselor through your local WIC nutrition program. Or visit or call the National Breastfeeding Helpline at (800) 994-9662. A breastfeeding support group. This is a group of women who help and support each other with breastfeeding.

Where can I get support while breastfeeding?

OWH Helpline (800-994-9662). The Office on Womens Health Helpline is staffed with breastfeeding peer counselors who can answer your breastfeeding questions in English or Spanish, support you through breastfeeding challenges, and connect you with other resources to help if needed.

When can I get help with breastfeeding?

When to Get Extra Breastfeeding HelpYou Had Difficulty Breastfeeding Another Child.Your Breasts Didnt Grow or Change During Pregnancy.Youve Had Breast or Chest Surgery.Your Babys Birth Was Traumatic.Your Newborn Isnt Latching On.You Have Flat, Inverted, or Very Large Nipples.

What doctor do I see for breastfeeding problems?

Call your doctor or a lactation consultant if you find it too painful to breastfeed or if youve tried home treatment for 24 hours and it doesnt help. Watch for signs of infection, such as a fever, flu-like symptoms, or a painful area on the breast that may be reddened, warm to the touch, or both.

What organizations support public breastfeeding?

Additional organizations that support and promote breastfeeding are:Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine.American Academy of Pediatrics.American College of Nurse Midwives.American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists.Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative.Human Milk Banking Association of North America (HMBANA)

Is it too late to see a lactation consultant?

Its not necessarily ever “too late” to seek out a lactation consultant! For example, if you find that after giving birth you would like help in breastfeeding but you dont have a lactation consultant lined up, talk to your healthcare provider about finding a lactation consultant who can help as soon as possible.

Why breastfeeding in public is okay?

Because nursing in public is a better (easier, quieter, more attractive) alternative to pumping in public and then feeding a bottle. 33. Because it is actually a lot more discreet to nurse without a cover than to have one of the HELLO LOOK AT ME IM BREASTFEEDING covers over your baby.

Should mothers breastfeed in public?

Breastfeeding in public requires women to be discrete and covered-up, so as not to expose her breast. She is also required to feed in an appropriate place to avoid discomforting others, guard against judgement, and to protect herself from the unwanted male gaze.

How do you promote breastfeeding and support?

Chapter 2: Strategies for Protecting, Promoting and Supporting BreastfeedingTaking Action on Strategies.Strategy 1: Create Breastfeeding Friendly Sites.Strategy 2: Keep Staff up-to-Date.Strategy 3: Empower Mothers to Make Informed Decisions.Strategy 4: Respect the Needs of Mothers Who Choose Not to Breastfeed. •4 Dec 2019

What vitamins should I not take while breastfeeding?

Fat soluble vitamin supplements (e.g., vitamins A & E) taken by the mother can concentrate in human milk, and thus excessive amounts may be harmful to a breastfeeding baby.

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