Question: What does the surname hirano mean?

Japanese: flat (or peaceful) field; a common topographic and habitational name throughout Japan and the Ryukyu Islands. One daimyo family descended from the ancient Kiyowara clan.

Is Hirano a common name?

Hirano is also the 1,152,838th most frequent forename internationally. It is borne by 71 people.

What does the name Yamasaki mean?

mountain promontory Japanese: from a common place name meaning mountain promontory. This is a common surname, occurring chiefly in eastern Japan; the alternate pronunciation, Yamasaki, is more common in western Japan.

What does the name Bellon mean?

The Bellon Name: Originally derived from the Latin bellus which means beautiful, Bellon means handsome man. The name was first seen in Galicia in the northern Iberian penninsula.

Is Hirano a surname?

Hirano (平野, the kanji character 平 is for flat, plain, calm and the kanji character 野 is for field) can be a Japanese surname. The same combination of kanji characters read as Heiya can mean a plain or a flat land.

What is Nanami Kento surname?

His family name, Nanami (七海) is written with “seven” (七) and “sea” (海) kanji, but it also can be read as “seven” (七 = nana) “three” (三 = mi), a suggestion to his cursed technique. His given name, Kento (建人), is written with “build” (建) and “man” (人) kanji.

Is Nanami a surname?

Nanami (ななみ, ナナミ) is a popular feminine Japanese given name which is also used as a surname.

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