Question: What would a SUS score of 80 mean for your system?

So if your website has an SUS score over 80, there is a good chance that the site will be recommended, while if it has an SUS score under 70, it may get negative reviews or comments.

What does a high SUS score mean?

What is a Good SUS Score? The average SUS score from all 500 studies is a 68. A SUS score above a 68 would be considered above average and anything below 68 is below average. The best way to interpret your score is to convert it to a percentile rank through a process called normalizing.

Is sus reliable?

SUS is reliable. Users respond consistently to the scale items, and SUS has been shown to detect differences at smaller sample sizes than other questionnaires. SUS is valid. That is, it measures what it purports to measure.

What is Umux Lite?

UMUX-LITE is a two item questionnaire based resolving some of the criticisms with UMUX. It includes only the two positive items from the UMUX, but is just as reliable and valid as the UMUX.

SUS is reliable SUS has been shown to be more reliable and detect differences at smaller sample sizes than home-grown questionnaires and other commercially available ones. Sample size and reliability are unrelated, so SUS can be used on very small sample sizes (as few as two users) and still generate reliable results.

How do I use Umux-Lite?

For basic UMUX-LITE scoring, subtract one from the score of each questionnaire item. Add up both of these adjusted scores and divide their sum by 12. Multiply this number by 100. To compare your UMUX-LITE score to a SUS score, you need to convert your UMUM-LITE score using a regression equation.

What does does sus mean?

suspicious or suspect What does sus mean? Sus is a shortening of suspicious or suspect. In slang, it has the sense of “questionable” or “shady.”

How do I report Umux-Lite?

UMUX-Lite Scoring [7-point scale]Items are scored by subtracting one from the user response: [user score - 1]Add the two adjusted scores and divide the sum by 12 (the highest possible score).Multiply your quotient by 100.Average your results across users.Dec 15, 2020

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