Question: What is an example of drag force?

Air resistance is an example of the drag force , which is force that objects feel when they move through a fluid (liquid or gas).

What is drag explain with example?

Drag is a opposing force experienced by any object due to the relative motion between the object and the fluid in which it is moving. It is a resistive force and it can generate heat and it has tendency to reduce the speed of the object.

What is drag give two examples of drag?

Examples: 1. A boat travelling in water. 2. An aeroplane moving in the sky.

What is the force of drag for kids?

In fluid dynamics, drag (sometimes called resistance) is a force which tends to slow the movement of an object through a liquid or gas. As a moving object pushes the liquid or gas out of its way, the fluid pushes back on the object.

What reduces form drag?

To reduce form drag, aircraft surfaces which are exposed to the airflow of the relative wind are streamlined. The remaining figures of the adjacent diagram show how, as the streamlining is increased, the form drag is decreased.

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