Question: How do frog baits work?

Frogs may be broadly defined as any soft-bodied topwater bait with guarded, upturned or recessed hooks designed to be worked over weeds or open water. They are more narrowly defined as hollow-bodied soft baits in which the body collapses on the hookset, exposing the hooks and allowing them to penetrate the basss jaw.

What is a frog lure good for catching?

How Do Topwater Frog Lures Work? A topwater frog lure has a hollow, collapsible soft plastic body that allows you to cast it into the thickest of weeds without getting snagged. The hooks face upwards and are protected by the frogs legs and body, which helps prevent you from becoming caught up in weeds or lily pads.

Do you use a weight with a frog lure?

They add weight to make the bait sit lower in the mat and also noise to attract fish. You have to give the fish time to find the bait in thick mats. These tips only work in thick mats, not open water.

Do pike like topwater frogs?

Pike love frog baits, so theres no right or wrong way to fish them. Steady is hard to beat with baits like this, but pike dont read the playbook, he says.

Whats best for night fishing?

Top 4 Baits for Summer Night FishingBuzzbaits.Bladed Swim Jigs. Chatterbaits or bladed jigs give off a ton of vibration, which makes them an excellent bait for night fishing. Jigs. Just like in the daytime, bass will change where they are located in the strike zone. Big Worm.Jan 31, 2018

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