Question: What is the difference between I me my and mine?

You can use pronouns instead of repeating the same noun over and over, which would become boring for your readers. Take me and mine for example—they are both first person singular pronouns, but there is an important difference: me is a personal pronoun, while mine is possessive.

Where can I use my and mine?

“My” comes before a noun, whereas “Mine” comes after the noun. It would be clearer with an example: “My clock is black and brown.”, “That black and brown clock is Mine.” My is a possessive adjective and pronoun. It is spoken by the speakers to emphasize an object or any noun that belongs to themselves.

What is difference between I and my?

“I” is a first person singular pronoun that is used as the subject of a sentence or clause. (Example: I write the songs.) “Me” is used as an object. Other reflexive pronouns are herself, himself, yourself, itself and themselves.

Is mine proper grammar?

Mine is a pronoun, too, but it is a possessive pronoun. Since mine is a first person singular possessive pronoun, it is used when a speaker is referring to something that belongs to himself.

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