Question: Where is Chojis mother Genshin?

Where is Chojis treasure Genshin?

The treasure can be found in the bushes behind that tree. As it turns out, Choujis so-called treasure is nothing but a Carrot and one Sunsettia fruit. Yet, if you were able to find these two items, youll know you completed this part (“Obtain the treasure mentioned by Chouji”) of this World Quest in Genshin Impact.

Is Genshin impact sad?

At first, Genshin Impact is a cheerful and vibrant experience, but a sparing use of sorrow, loss, and regret lends the game gravity and nuance.

Where are the eggs in Genshin impact?

Bird Eggs can be found in secluded areas, namely trees, top of mountains, and near the top of structures. They can also be generated by whacking bushes with a melee weapon.

Who is the saddest Genshin impact character?

#1 - Xiao. As the last remaining Yaksha in Genshin Impact, Xiaos life has been subject to numerous conflicts and tragedies.

Is Little nine a ghost Genshin impact?

-Little Nine Is Supposedly a Ghost as what most people are thinking her as. However, she does not appear like other ghosts with only the outline in the game.

How do you get the nameless treasure in Genshin impact?

Usage. Players may collect 2 Nameless Treasures by completing the main puzzles at Qingxu Pool and Dunyu Ruins. Completion of the quest And This Treasure Goes To... at Lingju Pass will also reward the player with a Nameless Treasure, for a total of 3 treasures.

Can you buy apples in Genshin Impact?

Head to the apple tree locations shown and look around for apples noticeably hanging on them. Approach the tree and then keep attacking it until you obtain apples in Genshin Impact. Once you find the delicious apples, you can craft a Satisfying Salad from it.

Can u buy eggs in Genshin?

You can buy bird eggs in Genshin Impact, but the most reliable way to find them will be, naturally, scavenging for them in the wilds of Teyvat.

How do I check my Genshin City reputation?

After unlocking Liyue Reputation, Travelers can view their Liyue Reputation by talking to the Ministry of Civil Affairs Secretary, Ms. Yu.

Can you do bounties with friends Genshin Impact?

Bounties can be initiated and completed while in Co-Op. But the bounty is still a single player event. Co-Op teammates are unable to see traces on the ground (i.e. picking up items related to the bounty: they wont see anything on the ground), and have no indication that a bounty is in the area.

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