Question: How many times has Rika died?

Despite only being killed five times on-screen, dialogue eventually confirms that she has been killed once for every arc (excluding Matsuribayashi-hen and Miotsukushi-hen) and all other unseen worlds. Rika is a younger classmate in Keiichis school, and is in the same grade level as Satoko.

Who kills Rika Furude?

If Rika were to die, then every villager infected with the syndrome would exhibit terminal symptoms and cause chaos within 48 hours. Unbeknownst to Rika, Miyo Takano plans to kill her and make this chaos a reality, enacting the Great Hinamizawa Disaster.

Is Rika and Bernkastel the same person?

The name Frederica Bernkastel comes from the name Rika originally used in Saikoroshi-hen FURUDERIKA-Bernkastel; eventually this became Frederica Bernkastel.

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