Question: Is Tohoku University good?

Tohoku University ranked 1st among all universities in Japan according to Times Higher Education, Japan University Rankings 2020! It also ranked 1st in the Japanese version of the Times Higher Education, World University Rankings 2020! It ranked 23rd in QS Asian University Rankings 2021!

Is Tohoku University a public university?

1 university in Japan. In 2016, Tohoku University had 10 faculties, 16 graduate schools and 6 research institutes, with a total enrollment of 17,885 students....Tohoku University.東北大学TypePublic (National)EstablishedJune 22, 1907EndowmentUS$1.3 billion (JP¥120,138 billion)PresidentHideo Ohno12 more rows

Is Tohoku a poor place?

Traditionally a poor rural backwater with a harsh climate, todays Tohoku offers the traveller some of the best scenery in Japan.

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