Question: Do paid Coins expire Webtoons?

Coins may be subject to expiration. The expiration period will be specified upon purchase of the Coins. No refunds are provided for expired Coins. Upon one (1) month prior notice to you, we may, for business or technical purposes discontinue the usage of Coins from our Service.

What happens when you use Coins in Webtoon?

You can purchase Coins to read the latest episodes before anyone else with Fast Pass. Each unlocked DP episode will be available for 14 days. You can also unlock the episodes using Coins, and these episodes will be available to you for as long as the series is on WEBTOON.

Is there a way to get free Webtoons Coins?

Find Webtoon in the sites search. Click on start injection. It will prompt a few tasks to be completed before you can fully install it. Complete the tasks and get free coins.

Do Webtoon Coins cost money?

Coins cost real money, which can be purchased through Google Play or the App Store. For reference, you can buy 10 Coins for $0.99, 50 Coins for $4.99, 100 Coins for $9.99, 300 Coins for $29.99, and 500 Coins for $49.99. Webtoon also bundles extra bonus Coins for your bigger purchases.

How much is 5 Coins on Webtoons?

This is a tactic to gain user interest in highly popular, highly profitable Webtoons. There are a few key points about this tactic that are important to note: Five coins are worth approximately $. 50, meaning the prizes loss is insignificant over the potential gain of getting a user interested in a new series.

Does webtoon have bl?

Webtoons are getting more and more popular. Its not really surprising, since the medium allows creators from all genres to freely express themselves without limitations, which is why BL titles have been thriving on the platform for the past few years.

How much does Lezhin cost?

Top In-App PurchasesTitlePrice20 Coins$4.9917 Coins$4.9942 Coins$9.9940 Coins$9.996 more rows

Is making a WEBTOON worth it?

WEBTOON is an amazing site for anyone who wants to try their hands at creating a webcomic, but it requires a bit of research and planning before diving in. But its a great way to share your story with an audience while not having to deal with hosting your own site.

Do Lezhin artists get paid?

Yes. Lezhin Comics is operating its service directly in Korea, Japan, and the US. All creator revenues have been paid properly. Lezhin Comics creator revenues in Korea, Japan, and the US are all shared based on the Coin price readers purchase to read our comics.

Does WEBTOON take your copyright?

LINE WEBTOON does not and cannot take away your rights and nevertheless do not take any exclusive form of right to your creations. You are only granting us a non-exclusive right to use your comic on our service.

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