Question: What is Lee Minhos favorite food?

In a meeting with fans, the star of The King: Eternal Monarch assured that one of his favorite foods It is all kinds of meat, as it regains strength and energy after enjoying a good plate of samgyeopsal, pork belly cooked on a grill.

What is Lee know favorite ice cream?

Stray Kids Full Profile | Lee Knows favorite food: mint chocolate ice cream but strawberry is his favorite.

Does Lee Min Ho like cooking?

1. He likes to cook. Lee Min Ho says, “My favourite phone application on the new LG Optimus is the cooking application. Ive picked up cooking as a hobby and even tried cooking chilli crab recently.

What is Lee Min Ho Favourite Colour?

Lee Min Ho favorite color pink...

Who has Suzy Bae dated?

As per reports, Suzy and Lee Min-ho dated for three years.

Are Woojin and Seungmin related?

Seungmin and Woojin are brothers. Seungmin and Woojin are cousins. seungmin is woojins little brother. woojin is seungmins older brother.

Is Woojin still in Skz?

Woojin had been the groups lead vocalist and was their oldest member as well. In an official statement which was translated to English, the record label said: Woojin, who has been with Stray Kids as a member until this time, has left the group due to personal circumstances and terminated his exclusive contract.

Who is Lee Min Ho best friend?

If there is one K-world friendship with adore, it will undoubtedly be Lee Min Ho and Jung Il Woos friendship. The Korean stars bond precedes their stardom and popularity. Fans of The King: Eternal Monarch star and Moon Embracing The Sun stars have known each other since they were high school.

What is Lee Min Ho nickname?

Chemi-Shin Lee Min-ho/Nicknames Because of his ability to work well with his elder actress sunbaes, Lee Min Ho had been given the nickname Chemi-Shin (Short for Chemistry god, meaning he has good chemistry with his co-stars).

Can Bae Suzy speak English?

More videos on YouTube Bae Doona never actively tried to learn English, but it came rather naturally.

Why does Felix hate his Korean name?

– He wanted to become a singer because he really likes music. – Staff said Felix hates being called by his Korean name Yongbok.

What is Woojin doing now?

Woojin was 20 years old when Stray Kids first hit it big in 2017, and he stayed in the band until October of 2019. According to, Woojin recently signed a deal to release his first solo record sometime in 2021. Hes also been adding new content to his YouTube page, including vlogs, short films, and covers.

Was Woojin kicked out?

average 20-something-year-old activities. At the end of 2019, Stray Kids label, JYP Entertainment, officially announced that Woojin was quitting the band.

What perfume does Lee Min Ho use?

Fragrance Lee Min-Ho wears The timeless Bvlgari Pour Homme Soir Eau De Toilette Spray is signature scent of The King: Eternal Monarch star.

Who is Kim Woos best friend?

Lee Jong Suk and Kim Woo Bin have been well known to be close friends after appearing in the KBS2 drama School 2013 together.

Is Jung Il Woo sick?

Jung Il-woo, who felt a severe headache when filming the dramaGolden Rainbow in 2013, said that he was diagnosed with acerebral aneurysm in a close examination. A cerebral aneurysm, according to his explanation, is a terrible disease that leads to cerebral hemorrhage when blood vessels swell and burst.

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