Question: Is pixiv safe?

Pixiv (as far as I know) is a pretty legitimate fanart site, up there alongside DeviantArt.

Is Pixiv a good site for artists?

Pixiv is the most popular art community in Japan, with millions of monthly users. Its popular with manga-style artists, including professional manga artists and illustrators. Pixiv offers the chance to grow your following and connect with professionals in the industry.

What is Pixiv used for?

Pixiv aims to provide a place for artists to exhibit their illustrations and get feedback via a rating system and user comments. Works are organized in an extensive tag structure which forms the backbone of the website.

Are Pixiv images free?

Copyright in Pixiv. The pixiv economy does not consist of copyright-free works alone. In actuality, users upload many secondary works based on copyrighted commercial works.

Which is better behance or ArtStation?

Behance is a better option if your work spans multiple fields, but ArtStation will be more attractive if animation is your primary interest. You can follow other profiles on both platforms and view their latest updates, like the work theyve uploaded and liked. Youll also find plenty of animation-related work here.

Is pixiv social media?

pixiv is a social media service where users can post their works (e.g. illustrations, manga, novels) and receive much love and support! By providing a space where creators can post their works and fans can give feedback to the artists, we hope to create a fun environment for anyone who enjoys creative activities.

Is Pixiv in English?

Pixiv has an official English-language twitter account and also maintains an English-language version of its Pixiv Encyclopedia. The Pixiv Encyclopedia, also called Pixpedia, is a user-edited site that catalogues the many tags used on Pixiv, explains their meanings, and introduces representative works for every tag.

What does my Pixiv mean?

My pixiv is your list of friends and acquaintances on pixiv. Click My pixiv request from the page of the user you want to add.

Is Behance worth it 2020?

If you are an artist looking for a place to showcase your work, Behance is worth it. The site is also valuable for artists who are looking for job opportunities. Since the site is free for artists, there is no reason not to use it. Employers who are looking for artistic employees can find them on Behance.

Is Behance better than Adobe portfolio?

Like, Behance, Adobe Portfolio is also intended to be used to create an online portfolio. However, it has a lot more functionality than Behance. It is generally accepted that any creative professional will have a portfolio. Both Behance and Portfolio are services that allow one to do just that.

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