Question: Is Ludwigs holy blade the best weapon in the game?

Bolstering a sizable selection of melee weapons that often have the capability to transform into another form, theres no shortage of interesting tools for Hunters to use to dispatch Beasts. Out of all the choices, Ludwigs Holy Blade is the best option for players seeking the perfect balance between power and utility.

What is the best class in bloodborne?

Military Veteran – Best Origin Starting Class in BloodborneVitality: 10.Endurance: 10.Strength: 14.Skill: 13.Bloodtinge: 7.Arcane: 6.8 Mar 2018

How do you make Ludwigs holy blade glow?

0:071:28How to Get the Moonlight Sword in Bloodborne: The Old HuntersYouTube

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