Question: What is DMM in business?

A designated market maker (DMM) is a market maker responsible for maintaining fair and orderly markets for an assigned set of listed stocks.

What is DMM in engineering?

A DMM is a standard test and measurement instrument used by electrical engineers and technicians to measure multiple electrical stimuli, including voltage, current and resistance. It combines the features of a voltmeter, ammeter and ohmmeter, and is used to verify the state of a system or circuit for safety purposes.

Which one is the full form of DMM?

(di ɛm ɛm) or digital multimeter. abbreviation. (Electrical engineering: Instrumentation, measuring, and testing, Instrument) A DMM is an electronic measuring instrument with a digital display. A common way to measure resistance, continuity, and voltage for general electrical troubleshooting is using a DMM.

What can a DMM measure?

A digital multimeter is a test tool used to measure two or more electrical values—principally voltage (volts), current (amps) and resistance (ohms). Digital multimeters combine the testing capabilities of single-task meters—the voltmeter (for measuring volts), ammeter (amps) and ohmmeter (ohms).

Who do market makers work for?

Market makers are typically large banks or financial institutions. They help to ensure theres enough liquidity in the markets, meaning theres enough volume of trading so trades can be done seamlessly.

What is the Fullform of LDR?

Informal. long-distance relationship: a relationship, typically a romantic one, in which the two people live far enough apart that they cannot see each other often: My boyfriend and I had an LDR for two years.

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