Question: Is Fujikura a good shaft?

The Fujikura Ventus is extremely accurate. Consistently high ball speed. Among the lowest spinning shafts Ive ever hit.

What is the difference between Fujikura red and blue?

Difference Between Fujikura Ventus Blue and Fujikura Ventus Red. The Fujikura Ventus Red is built to be a mid-high launch. The Ventus Blue is a mid-launch, and the Black is going to be the low launch. Typically speaking, as your driver clubhead speed decreases, you will need more launch coming from the shaft.

Which Ventus shaft should I get?

For players seeking both accelerated speed and reliable stability, the Fujikura Ventus Blue Shaft is a recommended shaft. This is a fit for players with some golf experience who are ready to up their game to new levels of speed and impact, but who still want to retain a sense of control and stability.

Is a Ventus shaft worth it?

Ventus is promising better MOI for improved forgiveness, more ball speed from better energy transfer, and an extremely stable tip section without a boardy or harsh feel. I tested the Ventus shaft in my Ping G400 Max driver at 45 inches in the 70g X-stiff model. During testing, Ventus was an outstanding performer.

What shaft does Tiger Woods use?

Tiger Woods uses a TaylorMade SIM (9 degrees) driver with a Mitsubishi Diamana D+ Limited 60 TX shaft. For most of his time on the green Tiger used Nike golf clubs, but switched over to TaylorMade when the company announced it was stepping out of the golf game.

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