Question: At what stage does generation gap affect more?

Adolescence is often the time when people are most influenced by the society around them and as our world keeps developing and changing, things rarely stay the same, causing generation gaps between parents and their children.

At what point in life does the generation gap seem to be the largest?

When we are teenagers, I believe that is the time when generation gap seem to be the largest. Because, teenagers are going through lot of changes in their lives and they are discovering themselves, so it seems as if someone trying to tell you the right, is not able to understand you.

How does generation gap affect life?

Generation gaps can impact relationships between family members of different generations. As younger generations are growing up in a mobile, fast-changing world, they experience changing values and attitudes that do not fit with the general traditions that are held by their parents or grandparents.

How can we reduce generation gap?

Overcoming the generation gapEncouraging multi-generational team working. The best way to get people to accept each others differences is to get them to work together. Establishing clear cultural values. Embedding technology that drives collaboration. Communicating at all levels.

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