Question: How do you play Astral chain?

Whats rank means?

S-rank is a ranking classification that may refer to: A ranking originating from academic grading in Japan used to describe a level superlative to grades such as A, B, etc.; it may be used in real or fictional tournaments or ranking lists such as in martial arts, fights in fiction, video games or in tier lists.

Is Astral Chain better than NieR automata?

NieR: Automata feels fantastic as you dodge enemy projectiles while unleashing all sorts of attacks. Severing chains between enemies then beating on them only to crush their life force feels amazing so Astral Chain wins this category, too, but definitely not by a lot.

Why is s highest rank?

Originally created in Japan where anything below grade C was considered a failure. The S-Rank allowed for a wider range of obtainable grades and thus player motivation, meaning that it was soon adopted by western developers who realized that the S-Rank was much cooler than the boring A.

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