Question: What can cause early cataracts?

What is the reason for early cataract?

Common causes of early onset cataracts (below age 40) include having poorly-controlled medical conditions like hypertension, eczema and diabetes, chronic use of steroid medications, previous eye trauma, and family history of early onset cataracts.

What is early cataract?

Early cataract: The very beginnings of cataract disease. The lens is still clear, but the ability to change focus between near and far vision has begun to be compromised. You may see the beginnings of blurring or cloudiness, glare from lights may begin to bother you and you may feel increasing eye strain.

Can you catch cataracts early?

Getting cataracts is one of the leading causes of vision loss in the United States. What many people dont know, though, is that catching the condition early can help prevent blindness.

How do you get rid of cataracts early?

Blindness caused by cataracts can be reversed with cataract surgery and the implementation of an intraocular lens. However, cataracts that result in blindness are more difficult to remove and this surgery has higher complication rates. The best results from cataract surgery come before cataracts cause blindness.

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