Question: Is Dragon a calisthenics flag?

What is the Dragon Flag? The Dragon Flag in an Intermediate Calisthenics bodyweight exercise that is key for working your core stability and pulling strength. Therefore, it is recommended to perform the exercise on the ground in order to hold the tension with your upper back.

How many pull-ups for front lever?

My first question is always “How many pull-ups can you do?” My recommendation is to train the front lever as early as you want, but not to expect great progress until you can do about fifteen kipping pull-ups and one weighted dead hang pull-up with about 20 percent of your bodyweight.

Is front lever harder than Planche?

Planche seems like a move that also requires similar demands on the core compared to front lever but this is not the case. This allows more translatable core strength to your front lever journey rather than just having a strong core for doing sit-ups for example.

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