Question: What is the best SHS in Ghana?

Which SHS is the most beautiful in Ghana?

Here are our top 10 most beautiful senior high schools in GhanaST. PRESBYTERIAN SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL. HOLY CHILD SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL. ADISADEL COLLEGE. ACCRA ACADEMY. OPOKU WARE SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL. KETA SENIOR HIGH TECHNICAL SCHOOL. PREMPEH COLLEGE. Prempeh College is one of the most beautiful Senior High Schools in Ghana.

How many SHS are there in Ghana?

There are a total of 1182 Senior High Schools in Ghana (both public & private SHS) as of 2021 per the GES schools register for 2020. This number includes purely technical and vocational institutions.

Which university has the most beautiful campus in Ghana?

Madina Institute of Science and Technology Madina Institute of Science and Technology - The Most Beautiful University in Ghana | Facebook.

What is the oldest secondary school in Ghana?

Mfantsipim Mfantsipim is an all-boys boarding secondary school in Cape Coast, Ghana, established by the Methodist Church in 1876 to foster intellectual, moral, and spiritual growth on the then Gold Coast....Mfantsipim SchoolAffiliationMethodist Church, GhanaAlumniMfantsipim Old Boys Association (MOBA)School AnthemDwen Hwɛ Kan28 more rows

What is the oldest senior high school in Ghana?

SchoolRegionYEAR EST.Mfantsipim SchoolCentral1876Wesley Girls High SchoolCentral1884Ghana Sec. Tech. SHSWestern1909Adisadel CollegeCentral191018 more rows

Which university is beautiful?

Yale University (USA) Listed as one of the most beautiful college campus by the Travel+Leisure magazine in 2011, the Yale University is home to many iconic buildings like the Ingalls Rink by Eero Saarinen, the Art and Architecture Building by Paul Rudolph, and Louis Kahns Art Gallery and British Art Center.

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