Question: Why did it take so long for Diana to get to hospital?

The ambulance carrying the dying Diana, Princess of Wales to hospital was deliberately driven slowly due to the severity of her injuries, an inquest heard today. The onboard doctor, Jean-Marc Martino, treated Diana at the scene for almost 40 minutes before the ambulance set off.

How long did it take them to get Princess Diana to the hospital?

During the inquest, in 2007, it emerged it took an hour and six minutes from the time Diana was taken from the wrecked car until she reached the hospital.

Could Diana have been saved?

Further surgical exploration discovered that the princess had a tear in her upper left pulmonary vein at the point of contact with the heart. Prof Pavie sutured the lesion, but Dianas heart had stopped before the surgical exploration and would not restart. He said not being able to save Diana affected him “very much”.

Who survived in Dianas car crash?

Trevor Rees-Jones Had she been restrained, she would probably have appeared in public two days later with a black eye, perhaps a bit breathless from the fractured ribs and with a broken arm in a sling, Shepherd wrote. The only survivor of the crash was Dianas British bodyguard, Trevor Rees-Jones.

What injuries did Diana have?

Diana suffered from a concussion, broken arm and a cut to her thigh in the crash, but what ultimately took her life were her severe chest wounds. Her heart was displaced in her chest and she suffered a tear to her pulmonary vein that proved lethal and caused internal bleeding.

What happened to the car that hit Princess Diana?

At 00:23, Paul lost control of the vehicle at the entrance to the Pont de lAlma tunnel. The car struck the right-hand wall and then swerved to the left of the two-lane carriageway before it collided head-on with the thirteenth pillar that supported the roof.

Why did Diana have a lead lined coffin?

Members of the Royal Family are traditionally buried in lead-lined coffins because it helps preserve the body for longer. Princess Dianas coffin weighed a quarter of a tonne, due to the amount of lead lining. The lead makes the coffin airtight, stopping any moisture from getting in.

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