Question: How do I find my apex sensitivity?

How do I adjust the sensitivity on my apex?

0:000:55Apex Legends Sensitivity Settings File Tutorial - YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipProfile. Then click on save games respawn apex local click on settings. Cfg. Now scroll down on thisMoreProfile. Then click on save games respawn apex local click on settings. Cfg. Now scroll down on this config. File go down to mouse sensitivity. In the parentheses. Add in your value.

What is the best field of view for Apex?

Depending on your setup, the sweet spot or best FOV seems to be between 96 and 104. If you play on a bigger TV, youre going to want to have your FOV on the higher end of the scale, as the bigger screen will allow you to still see up to longer ranges even with a higher FOV.

Why cant I change my Apex sensitivity?

You have to move the cursor with your left stick and press A on ADS Look Sensitivity. Then you can adjust your ADS. Instead of using the D-Pad, move the curser with the sticks. That worked for me.

Where is the aim assist setting in Apex?

Go into the “Controller” tab on the top. Scroll all the way down. One of the last lines should read “Advanced Look Controls…” Open it. In the advanced controls, scroll down until you see “Targeting Assistance.” Turn that setting to “OFF.”

What FOV do pros play apex on?

90 FoV The great majority of the players utilizes a 90 FoV, which is the standard recommended by the game developers for an optimal experience and to avoid potential graphic bugs.

What does ALC mean in Apex?

Advanced Look Control Advanced Look Control is turned on. Turn it off to use the preset options.

Is Aim Assist op in Apex?

Some final notes: this type of aim assist is especially powerful in Apex because the longer TTK means you generally have to track players rather than flick, which is what this type of aim assist excels at.

Is 110 FOV good apex?

105-110 FoV The highest FoV range is heavily favored by the majority of the competitive Apex players. While Apex does its best to reduce the fisheye effect, it can be especially noticeable if youre just making the switch.

What does ALC stand for?

ALCAcronymDefinitionALCAlcoholALCAmérica Latina y el CaribeALCAsian Leopard CatALCAir Logistics Center137 more rows

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