Question: What causes flexor synergy pattern?

Synergistic movements result from multiple muscle contractions that are triggered at once. For example, if you try to move your shoulder, your elbow might contract. To help you better understand flexion synergy patterns, this article will explain the cause of synergistic movements and how to eliminate them.

What causes muscle synergy?

Muscle synergy theory suggests that the central nervous system produces a small number of signals that pass through a network that distributes combinations of these signals to the muscles. Though these synergies are rather stable over time, some variability is present.

How can flexor synergy be prevented?

Here are some examples of exercises you can do to overcome flexion synergy patterns:Passive Exercises and Stretching. Passive range-of-motion exercises can help you maintain range of motion and may assist in regaining control of your muscles. Sensory Exercises. Active Range-of-Motion Exercises.23 Mar 2020

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