Question: Is Anna a pretty name?

Visually, however, it is appealing (palindrome and whatnot). Others have pointed out that Anna is recognizable as a name - and easy to pronounce - pretty much worldwide.

What is Anna a nickname for?

Shes relatively nickname free with Annie and Ann the only real contenders. She does have an alternative spelling in Ana though its not nearly as common. Longer variants of the name include Annabelle, Anneliese, and Annika.

How common is name Anna?

How Popular Is the Name Anna? The name was even more popular a century ago, ranking among the top 10 girl names in America from 1880 to 1920. From 1880 to 1899, Anna was the second most popular name for girls in the U.S., the most popular being Mary.

What type of name is Anna?

Anna is a Latin form of the Greek: Ἄννα and the Hebrew name Hannah (Hebrew: חַנָּה Ḥannāh‎), meaning favor or grace or beautiful....Anna (name)GenderFemaleOriginLanguage(s)Hebrew, Greek, LatinMeaningfull of grace, FavorOther names3 more rows

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