Question: What is a monothematic delusion?

A monothematic delusion is a delusional state that concerns only one particular topic. This is contrasted by what is sometimes called multi-thematic or polythematic delusions where the person has a range of delusions (typically the case of schizophrenia).

What is an example of persecutory delusion?

Individuals with persecutory delusions believe that harm is going to occur and that other people intend for them to be harmed. Individuals experiencing persecutory delusions may say things such as: “My neighbors break into my house at night and steal my clothes out of my closet.”

What is a schizophrenic delusion like?

Delusions are extremely common in schizophrenia, occurring in more than 90% of those who have the disorder. Often, these delusions involve illogical or bizarre ideas or fantasies, such as: Delusions of persecution – Belief that others, often a vague “they,” are out to get you.

What is an example of delusion of reference?

So, for example, a delusion of reference might occur when someone watches a movie and believes there is a message in the movie that is meant specifically for them, and that makes some kind of “sense”. Delusions of reference may also occur in other media.

How do you treat a delusion of reference?

Antipsychotic medications can help with delusions of reference, as can counseling and psychotherapy. Cognitive behavioral therapy is used to help people reframe their thoughts and explore logical explanations for their line of thinking.

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