Question: When should I reroll Fgo?

A popular event is also a common time to start a new account. Whether you are a completely new player or simply want to start over and experience the game again, rerolling an account until you get a Servant combination you like is generally an excellent idea.

How do I follow Fgo?

Players can use their followers like how they use a support servant, even if they do not add them, or not accepted as friend. The follow button will appear only for those who has not cleared Arc 1, and they can search for players and add them as followers too, other than after a quest.

Can you reroll Fgo?

Rerolling in FGO can be advantageous to players, if they do it right. Heres a complete guide for everything you need to know about it. Rerolling in Fate/Grand Order is a common practice for newer players and players who dont like the direction of their current account.

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