Question: Did Yamato sleep with Aiko?

Yamato learns of what happened, and when Kakeru starts badmouthing Mei, he punched him, saying she is his girlfriend. Later, Yamato catches up with Mei, and confesses to her that he did sleep with Aiko, but only because back then she was heartbroken and lost.

Why did Yamato sleep with Aiko?

History. Yamato Kurosawa was there for Aiko in her time of need when she felt insecure about her acne and her weight. Aiko, feeling desperate and lonely, pleaded with Yamato to sleep with her. Yamato hesitantly agrees, feeling that this was her last resort to restore her confidence.

Do Mei and Yamato end up together?

Yamato also introduced Mei to most of her current friends. In Volume 11 Chapter 72, Yamato and Mei eventually got married (which now makes her Mei Kurosawa) and she becomes the mother to a baby boy named Ken Kurosawa.

Who is Yamato in love with?

In Chapter 39, they started a sexual relationship. It started in Meis birthday, after the celebration. In Volume 11 Chapter 72, Yamato and Mei eventually got married (which now makes her Mei Kurosawa) and he becomes the father to a baby boy named Ken Kurosawa.

Does Yamato like Arai?

Miki Arai (新井 美樹) Yamato has been in the same school with her since middle school, and it seems she was Yamatos first crush. Shes the one girl he hasnt kissed, even though shes cute. Mei describes her as such, Shes not very tall, her eyes are perfect.

Does Yamato ever cheat on Mei?

After finally putting full trust in Yamato and accepting her feelings for him, leading to them starting dating, Mei finds out Yamato has been keeping secrets from her – about visiting another girl. Now no, he wasnt cheating on her.

What should I watch after I say I love you?

Which anime like Say I Love You will you watch next?Kimi ni Todoke.Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun.Bokura ga Ita.Toradora!Kokoro Connect.ef: A Tale of Memories.Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day.Apr 19, 2016

Who did Yamato marry?

His relationship with Momoyo Kawakami is of an underling as a result of a promise he made when they were younger. Momoyo confessed that she really liked Yamato and even asked for him follow her forever.

What volume does say I love you anime end?

Season 1 of Say “I Love You” ended on chapter 28 of the manga, covering 7 volumes. There are 18 volumes in total, so scarcity in terms of material to be adapted wont happen. Also, the first season skipped over lots of things to wind up the series in 13 episodes, so Season 2 may do that as well.

Does Yamato like Megumi?

After the culture festival, where Megumi and Yamato had to go on a date with each other in Chapter 33, its officially shown how Megumi finally came to terms with her feelings towards him.

What should I watch after ReLIFE?

10 Anime Like ReLIFEGolden Time. Having lost all of his memories of the past, Tada Banri is now trying to start a new life for himself. Kimi ni Todoke. Kuronuma Sawaka is one weird girl. Boku Dake ga Inai Machi (ERASED) Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun. Kokoro Connect. Toradora! Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun. Barakamon. •Nov 25, 2020

Does Say I Love You have a Season 2?

Attracting several fans ever since its release, Say “I Love You” Season 2 has become a much-awaited romance sequel. Following Mei Tachibana and Yamato Kurosawa, Say “I Love You” presents a genuine picture of high school relationships. Mei is a girl who came off as reserved and shy.

Is Say I Love You any good?

Say “I Love you” is definitely worth watching. The show conveys all the basic elements for a good romance anime – love, friendship, and the journey of self-discovery. The protagonists and supporting characters balance each other out perfectly. The animation is pretty smooth as well.

What chapter is Yamato sick?

Sick Episode: Yamato gets sick in episode 13. Despite everything theyve gone through, it still takes Mei a lot of courage to visit him.

Is ReLIFE a Romcom?

i can highly recommend relife if youre a fan of romcom like me. the difference between the two is, relife has romance in it while erased is mostly a mystery anime. both are good! Though, the story is more heartwarming in ReLIFE than NHK ni Youkoso.

Is ReLIFE a harem?

Because it has: Romantic, Funny, Emotional, No Harem.

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