Question: What weapon is best for Fischl?

Therefore, there is a 3 star Bow that is the best weapon for Fischl.

What is the best artifact set for Fischl?

Thundering Fury set The best artifacts for Fischl are the two-piece Thundering Fury set and the two-piece Gladiators Finale set. Thundering Fury adds stats to Fischls attack, crit rate, and energy recharge. To improve this set even further, equipping two pieces of Thundering Fury grants Fischl an Electro damage bonus of 15%.

Is Fischl better support or DPS?

Fischl is probably best as a Support fighter, able to deal constant Electro damage through her abilities and Oz, while other party members better suited to the DPS role deal with most of the fighting.

Is Fischl good for DPS?

Fischl is a very strong Bow user that can work successfully as your partys main DPS.

What weapon is good for xinyan?

What Are the Best Weapons for Xinyan?WeaponRarityStatsWolfs Gravestone5-StarAttackThe Unforge5-StarAttackSacrificial Greatsword4-StarEnergy RechargePrototype Archaic4-StarAttackSep 23, 2021

Is Fischl really a princess?

The story goes that she was exiled by her people who chose to not accept her. A story. Yes, Fischl isnt a real person but a character from a novel in the game, “Flowers for Princess Fischl – Vol. I: End Time Zersetzung”.

How strong is Fischl?

Fischl is an absolutely powerhouse and so long as you level her high, pick any combination of these and you are going to be doing some serious, 5 star level damage most of the time, while safely at a distance with your bow. Shes great, and continues to be great even as new heroes are introduced.

Is Rosaria DPS or support?

Rosaria is an excellent Sub DPS Cryo character who can deal great damage and offers a powerful buff. If played in a team without any other Cryo users, you will want to increase her Energy Recharge considerably. Otherwise, you can focus on more standard damage stats.

Is Fischl really a princess Genshin impact?

A new character for Genshin Impact was recently introduced with Fischl who is a big-time chuunibyou princess.

What weapon is best for Rosaria?

Crescent Pike is the best 4-star weapon for a Physical DPS Rosaria.

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