Question: Why is Dragon Quest so important?

The game captivated Japanese gamers with its epic plot and charming characters. Dragon Quest revolutionized its genre by introducing many elements never before seen in RPGs. The game mixed overhead controls with a first-person combat system making it unlike any other RPG at the time.

Whats so good about Dragon Quest?

While it does get tweaked a bit from game to game, it mostly stays the same. Its fantastically turn-based, and most abilities and spells transfer from one entry to the next. This is nice because it means once you learn the spells and abilities, you know them for pretty much every other game in the series.

While Final Fantasy as a franchise has doubled the sales of Dragon Quest, the latter generally sells more copies in Japan. This is exemplified by the release of Dragon Quest XI, with the game selling an astounding 2 million copies on its first day of release, only in Japan.

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