Question: Do they still make Yamazaki 12?

Suntory 12 Year Pure Malt was eventually re-branded to become Yamazaki 12. The Suntory 12 Year Pure Malt IS a collectible whisky because its no longer made.

Is Hibiki 12 year discontinued?

Hibiki 12 was discontinued in 2015, so despite its status as the youngest of the lines age-statement collection, its no easier to track down than its older siblings.

What is a good price for Yamazaki 12?

Yamazaki prices have steadily risen for years, but it still can be found for a reasonable amount. Diligent bargain hunters can find great retail deals now and then. Currently, expect to pay around $125+ for a 750 ml bottle.

Why is hibiki expensive?

The rise of shochu and the steep drop of whisky consumption in Japan during the 80s saw many producers reduce production output, a move that is costing the whisky world today. Expect the price of the Hibiki 17 to rise on the secondary market and bottles to become ever harder to find.

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