Question: Who recorded if not for you?

Who is the original singer of if not for you?

Bob Dylan If Not for YouIf Not for YouSongwriter(s)Bob DylanProducer(s)Bob JohnstonBob Dylan singles chronologyWigwam (1970) If Not for You (1971) Watching the River Flow (1971)9 more rows

Who was if not for you written about?

According to Clinton Heylins Revolution in the Air: The Songs of Bob Dylan, 1957-1973, Dylan said he wrote “If Not For You,” “… thinking about my wife.” Dylan described this New Morning cut as “It seemed simple enough, sort of Tex-Mex…

Who has covered if not for you?

VersionsTitlePerformerRelease dateIf Not for YouBob DylanOctober 21, 1970If Not for YouGeorge HarrisonNovember 1970If Not for YouOlivia Newton-JohnFebruary 1971If Not for YouAlan GarrityAugust 197146 more rows

Was if not for you written by Bob Dylan?

Bob Dylan If Not For You/Composers

When was if not for you released?

1970 If Not for You/Released

Who wrote If Not For You Bob Dylan?

Bob Dylan If Not for You/Composers

Who sings let me be there with Olivia Newton John?

Olivia Newton-John Let Me Be There/Artists

What is the next Bob Dylan Bootleg Series?

Springtime In New York Credit: Ken Regan. Bob Dylan has announced the next edition of his ongoing bootleg series – Vol. 16, aka Springtime In New York, is due out later this year. Springtime In New York will come out on September 17 via Columbia/Legacy and feature rarities, unheard gems and more from 1980-1985.

What album is if not for you on?

All Things Must Pass If Not for You/Album

Who said if not you then who if not now then when?

Hillel the Elder If Not Now, Then When? is a quote by a first-century Jewish scholar named Hillel the Elder.

When was let me be there released?

1973 Let Me Be There/Released

Who is Olivia Newton Johns daughter?

Chloe Rose Lattanzi Olivia Newton-John/Daughters Olivia Newton-John, Daughter Chloe Lattanzi Talk New Single, Cannabis Farming and Playing Music for Plants. The mother-daughter team duet on Window in the Wall from Primary Wave following an earlier collaboration on the single You Have to Believe, a remake of Newton-Johns Xanadu hit.

How many Bob Dylan bootleg series are there?

American singer-songwriter Bob Dylan has released 39 studio albums, 95 singles, 17 notable extended plays, 52 music videos, 12 live albums, 16 volumes comprising The Bootleg Series, 19 compilation albums, 21 box sets, seven soundtracks as main contributor, thirteen music home videos and two non-music home videos.

Who Wrote foot of pride?

Bob Dylan Foot of Pride (Studio Outtake - 1983)/Lyricists

What is the meaning of if not now then when?

There is no reason to delay this solution or approach; now is as good a time as any. Said especially of something that will or may be difficult, cause problems, or disrupt the status quo.

Who sings let me be there with Olivia Newton-John?

Olivia Newton-John Let Me Be There/Artists

Who wrote let me be there in the morning?

John Rostill Let Me Be There/Composers

What does Chloe Lattanzi do for a living?

Actor Singer Chloe Rose Lattanzi/Professions

How old is Chloe Lattanzi now?

35 years (January 17, 1986) Chloe Rose Lattanzi/Age Longest Celebrity Engagements: Amy Adams and More. “My fiancé and I, we are unconventional,” Lattanzi, 35, exclusively told Us Weekly while promoting her new duet, “Window in the Wall,” with her mom, 72, on Wednesday, January 27.

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