Question: Where is Costa Smeralda Sardinia?

Where is Sardinia Costa Smeralda?

Italy The Costa Smeralda (Italian: [ˈkɔsta zmeˈralda], lit. Emerald Coast; Gallurese: Monti di Mola; Sardinian: Montes de Mola) is a coastal area and tourist destination in northern Sardinia, Italy, with a length of some 20 km, although the term originally designated only a small stretch in the commune of Arzachena.

What is there to do in Costa Smeralda?

10 places to visit in Costa Smeralda, according to PaesiOnline:Mucchi Bianchi Beach.Billionaire Club (the owner is Flavio Briatore)Reef Beach.Vermentino wine tasting.Lu Multiggioni free beach.Li piscini lulticeddu beach.Mannena beach.Arena Bianca cove. •Jun 23, 2018

Who owns Costa Smeralda Sardinia?

Costa Smeralda Celebrates its 50th Anniversary Under New Ownership. Transformed into a popular tourist resort in 1962 by Prince Karim Aga Khan Ismaili, Italys Costa Smeralda resort area on the island of Sardinia has been bought by Qatars investment fund.

Is Costa Smeralda safe?

You will find Costa Smeralda to be a very safe and friendly place for your vacation, just remember to follow some easy rules. When youre going to the beach, you need to bring sun block and possibly to find out what the UV rating is for that day. UV rays are calculated on a 1-15 scale.

Where is the best place to live in Sardinia?

The Nicest Small Towns And Cities In SardiniaCagliari.Dolianova.Serdiana.Pula.Carloforte.SantAntioco.Calasetta.Oristano. •Dec 15, 2020

What is a Costa Smeralda Emerald?

Costa Smeralda (“Emerald Coast”) refers to an exclusive and hidden enclave for European jetsetters seeking a luxurious Italian getaway. This stunning coastline on the Mediterranean island of Sardinia is known for its clear, sparkling, greenish waters, therefore earning the title derived from the queen of green gems.

Which part of Sardinia is most beautiful?

The Gulf of Orosei, in central-eastern Sardinia is one of the most beautiful spot in Sardinia.

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