Question: Where do you spend Star points in brawl stars?

Star Points are used to buy exclusive skins and Brawl Boxes in the form of Big Boxes and Mega Boxes.

What should I do with Star Points?

You can redeem Star Points to make Dialog bill payments for the following services:Dialog Mobile/Mobile Broadband.Dialog Home Broadband/Fixed Line.Dialog Television.Any Dialog device purchases.

How do you spend your money in Brawl Stars?

Below and some tips and tricks for you to spend money wisely.Buy the special level deals that appear once you hit level 5, 15, 25 and 35, they are the best value in the game That would be around 40$.Spending gems on event tickets. Buy token doublers. Maybe keep them for legendary brawlers offers (549 gems offers).

What do experience points do in Brawl Stars?

Each time the player levels up, 20 Tokens are received as a reward. Since Experience cannot be lost, Experience level cannot go down, and the Token reward cannot be gained again for a previous level. Experience levels unlock profile icons up to level 120.

How do you get unlimited Star Points in brawl?

You can get star points every time your Brawler reaches Rank 10 and every five ranks after that. You can also get Star Points by earning 500 trophies and above, but you can only get it after a season ends.

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