Question: What happens to Tayo at the end of ceremony?

With the help of the wind, Tayo survives the night. He returns home and goes back to Kuoosh. After hearing all about Tayos ceremony, Kuoosh pronounces that Tseh was in fact Amooooh, who has given her blessings to Tayo and his ceremony; the drought is ended and the destruction of the whites is stopped.

What is the last thing Tayo does in section on?

Tayo runs off again to an abandoned uranium mine in the hills. There, he notices the patterns left from mining the uranium, and he realizes that he has come to the last station in the ceremony. If he can complete that night, the ceremony will be complete.

What role does the ceremony play in life in the small town?

What role does the ceremony play in life in the small town the refusal? Taking the Lottery in the small town is remarkable, and it shows how much the townspeople value the ceremony. This sacrificial ceremony plays an essential role in the townspeoples lives because it is performed to ensure a good harvest.

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