Question: Is Hammer good MH rise?

Tigrex Hammer – The Best Hammer in Monster Hunter Rise As per usual. It wins out big in raw damage while maintaining white sharpness, however. But unlike the IG, Hammers are typically slow beasts.

How do you unlock the teddy bear hammer in MH rise?

Complete the request from Komitsu the Sweettooth called ArZZZZzzzzuros to unlock Teddybear I (Design). This lets you forge the Teddybear Hammer in Smithy.

What do I do with the Gargwa egg in MH rise?

First of all, what Gargwa Eggs are in Monster Hunter Rise? They are droppable items from the Gargwa creature as you would imagine, but they are not obtainable. After dropped, you can grab these and carry them to your Camp, for getting 200 Kamura Points right away.

What can you do with egg MH rise?

0:303:09FAST Egg Delivery Method - Monster Hunter Rise - YouTubeYouTube

How do you deliver Gargwa eggs?

Gargwa Eggs are not like standard monster materials, instead theyre more like large delivery items, and youll need to carry them back to the Supply Box in order to actually deliver it.

How do you get the golden Gargwa egg?

You get one the same way you do a regular Gargwa Egg; sneak up behind a Gargwa, and attack it. It will lay an egg, and it might be golden.

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