Question: What does Cloud 9 feel like?

To be on cloud nine means to be extremely happy. Steph was on cloud nine after holding her first art exhibit. 2. To be on top of the world means to feel very happy.

When your on cloud nine do you feel great happiness?

Still, its enough to know that if you are on cloud nine, you are extremely happy. In fact, you are in seventh heaven (from the belief in some religions that there are seven levels of heaven, the seventh being the highest). Several other happiness idioms rely on the metaphorical idea of being in a very high place.

Why do we say Im on cloud nine?

In September, 1896, cumulonimbus, the greatest cloud in the world, was listed as Cloud 9 in a new cloud classification, and so to be on cloud nine became like floating on the tallest cloud on Earth. The story began with Sir Ralph Abercromby, who became fascinated by meteorology while serving in the British Army.

Why does cloud nine mean happy?

A commonly heard explanation is that the expression originated as one of the classifications of cloud which were defined by the US Weather Bureau in the 1950s, in which Cloud Nine denotes the fluffy cumulonimbus type that are considered so attractive.

Are you in Cloud 9?

If you say that someone is on cloud nine, you are emphasizing that they are very happy. When Michael was born I was on cloud nine.

What does shes on cloud nine mean?

informal. : very happy Hes been on cloud nine ever since she agreed to marry him.

What does cloud nine mean?

: a feeling of well-being or elation —usually used with on still on cloud nine weeks after winning the championship.

Whats the opposite of Cloud Nine?

What is the opposite of on cloud nine?unhappydepressedmiserablesaddejecteddespondentdiscontentedforlorngloomysorrowful206 more rows

What country is Cloud 9 from?

American Santa Monica, California, U.S. Cloud9 Esports, Inc., or simply Cloud9 (C9), is an American professional esports company based in Santa Monica, California.

Is on cloud nine an idiom?

The phrase “on cloud nine” is an idiom that means a person is feeling happy or delighted.

Who invented cloud nine?

Robert Powls Yorkshire born and bred, Robert Powls, the original founder of GHD hails from Ilkley, which is now also home to his more recent business empire, Cloud Nine.

Is Cloud 9 owned by GHD?

YORKSHIRE-BASED Cloud Nine Hair, set up by the founder of ghd, is looking at worldwide growth just three years after it launched.

Whats better GHD or Cloud 9?

Cloud Nine v ghd IV - Cloud Nines perform better in both straightening and curling. There is no doubt that they are a superior quality iron, so Cloud Nine wins this one, but with the ghd IV now available for around £80 the difference is relative.

Is Cloud Nine or ghd better?

There is no doubt that both ghd and Cloud Nine are fantastic quality straighteners, however, there has to be a winner. Cloud Nine v ghd IV - Cloud Nines perform better in both straightening and curling. While, the Cloud Nines are fantastic irons, overall we would recommend the ghd Gold Styler.

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