Question: Is it safe to cut bracken?

Ideally the bracken should be cut three times in the season. Eventually the root system will weaken and die but with a single cut per annum this could take 10 years. Warning. Since there is strong evidence that the spores are carcinogens, cutting bracken when it is producing spores carries an element of risk.

Can you cut bracken?

Bracken is difficult to control, even for farmers and landowners. It can be checked by traditional methods, such as cutting, crushing and burning, but these are labour-intensive and do not kill the underground stems, from which the bracken can regenerate rapidly.

Can you use bracken as a mulch?

On its own bracken compost can be used for mulching, or in combination with peat it can provide a low pH mulch or potting medium, suitable for growing calcifuge plants.

How do you unlock Bracken poisoning?

1:042:50How To Cure The Bracken Poisoning In Jurassic World Evolution - YouTubeYouTube

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