Question: Where did Dracula put the key after he closed the door?

But the door was locked, and the key was gone! That key must be in the Counts room.

What happens in Dracula chapter3?

Chapter 3 of Bram Stokers Dracula establishes the novel as one of horror. In it, Jonathan Harker realizes that he is a prisoner of the Count. He appeases the women with what seems to be some sort of living creature in a bag, and they disappear, leaving Harker in a state of extreme horror.

What happens in Dracula chapter4?

Summary: Chapter IV. Harker wakes up in his own bed, unsure whether the previous nights experience was a dream or reality. Several days later, Dracula asks Harker write three letters to his fiancée and employer, and to date them June 12 , 19 , and 29 , even though it is currently only May 19 .

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