Question: Why is Yoongi not in MMA?

Suga was missing for the awards show as he was recovering from shoulder surgery. In the Black Swan performance, BTS members RM, Jin, J-Hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook were divided into three subunits and performed their acts before they reunited for a small portion of the choreography.

What happened to Yoongi in MMA?

Sugas shoulder injury BigHit released the official statement on November 6, stating that Suga had undergone surgery to repair his torn shoulder labrum on November 3. He later suffered a posterior labral tear of his left shoulder in 2019 as well.

Why is Yoongi not promoting be?

Suga will not take part in BTS BE promotions Because of the recovery time needed following the surgery, Suga will not be able to participate in most of BTS upcoming planned activities. “Following the surgery, SUGA will be unable to participate in most official activities so that he may fully focus on his recovery.

Did Yoongi take a break from BTS?

BTS member Suga to take break from band after shoulder surgery, announces Bighit Entertainment. BTS Suga underwent the operation to prepare for his upcoming mandatory military service. The full statement released by Bighit said his torn shoulder labrum had been “a health and wellness issue for Suga” for a long time.

Is Suga alright now?

Suga is letting fans know that he is well and recovering after having shoulder surgery. The 27-year-old BTS singer released a statement on Friday, thanking fans for their well wishes and updating them on his health.

Will Suga go to military?

Member Suga is second in line for military enlistment However, without another postponement granted by the government, he will have to join in 2022. Suga is BTSs second oldest (born in 1993), followed by J-Hope and RM (both 1994). Jimin and V (both 1995) and Jungkook (1997) are the youngest.

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