Question: What is unique about experimental research?

The unique strength of experimental research is its internal validity (causality) due to its ability to link cause and effect through treatment manipulation, while controlling for the spurious effect of extraneous variable. Experimental research can be conducted in laboratory or field settings.

What is unique about experiments?

As weve noted before, science is unique because the results of its experiments can be repeated. These changing quantities are called variables, and an experiment usually has three kinds: independent, dependent, and controlled. For more detail, Science Buddies has definitions and examples of the different variables.

What is unique about experimental research that makes is different from all other kinds of research?

The major feature that distinguishes experimental research from other types of research is that the researcher manipulates the independent variable. There are a number of experimental group designs in experimental research. Some of these qualify as experimental research, others do not.

What are the unique characteristics of an experimental method?

The experimental method involves the manipulation of variables to establish cause and effect relationships. The key features are controlled methods and the random allocation of participants into controlled and experimental groups. An experiment is an investigation in which a hypothesis is scientifically tested.

Why experimental research is the best?

Experimental research gathers the data necessary to help you make better decisions. You can conduct experimental research in the following situations: Time is a vital factor in establishing a relationship between cause and effect. Invariable behavior between cause and effect.

What is experimental research in simple words?

Experimental research is a study that strictly adheres to a scientific research design. It includes a hypothesis, a variable that can be manipulated by the researcher, and variables that can be measured, calculated and compared. The researcher collects data and results will either support or reject the hypothesis.

What is the main purpose of experimental research?

Experimental research seeks to determine a relationship between two (2) variables—the dependent variable and the independent variable. After completing an experimental research study, a correlation between a specific aspect of an entity and the variable being studied is either supported or rejected.

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