Question: Does charge blade do blunt damage?

The Charge Blade can deal blunt damage when you have an Impact Charge Blade and the phials are active. Same goes for Elemental Charge Blades with Impact Phials equipped and active. It can also deal blunt damage with Guard Points and perfectly-timed blocks if the shield is charged.

Is charge blade a good weapon?

Unlike most other weapons, you also have the added nuance of managing phials of energy, and releasing it at the right time. The sword and shield is great for defence and offers good mobility, while the axe can dish out incredible damage with a long reach. This makes the Charge Blade an exceptionally versatile weapon.

Does Gunlance do blunt damage?

Gunlance Blunt Damage While its very niche, the Gunlance can deal blunt damage. It can only be dealt with the Wyrmstake Cannon attack, and is limited to Wide Shelling Type.

How do I get rid of heavy Bowgun?

Press Y to draw and put away the Heavy Bowgun. Youll be invulnerable to enemies attack for a while when sheathing your weapon.

Which is better heavy or light Bowgun?

Focused more on outright damage output than the Light Bowgun, the Heavy Bowgun is a ranged weapon for those who love watching things explode. Cons: The big problem with this gun is its overall speed. Everything that is simple and quick with the Light Bowgun is cumbersome and slow with the Heavy Bowgun.

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