Question: What do you mean by academic history?

Definition. Academic History refers to the module marks which contribute toward your progression or final award classification. It includes previously held credits (Accredited Prior Learning or APL).

What is pop history?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Popular history is a broad genre of historiography that takes a popular approach, aims at a wide readership, and usually emphasizes narrative, personality and vivid detail over scholarly analysis.

What does it mean if something is academic?

adjective. Someone who is academic is good at studying. The system is failing most disastrously among less academic children. Synonyms: studious, serious, intellectual, eager More Synonyms of academic.

What pop stands for?

POPAcronymDefinitionPOPPopulationPOPPoint of PurchasePOPPart of ProcessPOPParty of the People123 more rows

Is known as public history?

- Knowledge of history is useful as it can provide guidance in finding solutions to contemporary social issues and incorporate them in social planning. - Applied History is also known as Public History.

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