Question: Who is the goat of IPL?

Who is the goat of cricket?

Mumbai, June 21: Indian batting legend Sachin Tendulkar left behind the likes of Jacques Kallis, Ricky Ponting and Steve Smith to be named the Greatest Of All Time (G.O.A.T) batsman of the 21st Century in Tests.

Who is the greatest batsman of all time in IPL?

Most RunsPOSPLAYERHS1Virat Kohli1132Shikhar Dhawan106*3Suresh Raina100*4Rohit Sharma109*27 more rows

Who is the best IPL God?

Former India captain MS Dhoni is undoubtedly one of the legends of the game and has inspired many cricketers, not just in India but all around the world. Indian wicketkeeper-batsman and Delhi Capitals captain Rishabh Pant is one such cricketer inspired by Dhoni, to the point that he revers him like a God.

Who is coolest batsman in IPL?

Top 10 run-getters in IPLVirat Kohli. Run-Machine Kohli tops this list with a staggering 5,878 runs in 192 matches. Suresh Raina. The talented batsman finds himself second on this list having scored 5,368 runs in 193 matches.David Warner. Rohit Sharma. Shikhar Dhawan. AB de Villiers. Chris Gayle. MS Dhoni. •31 Mar 2021

Who is best finisher in IPL?

Hardik Pandya 8/10. IPL career strike-rate: 156.67. Kieron Pollard 8.5/10. IPL career strike-rate: 148.96. MS Dhoni 8.5/10. IPL strike-rate: 136.64. Andre Russell 9/10. IPL strike-rate: 179.67. AB de Villiers 9.5/10. IPL strike-rate: 152.37.28 Apr 2021

Who is world best finisher?

Jos Buttler The English player has also been dubbed a “360-degree” cricketer. Due to his ability to recognize and manipulate rival teams field placements while scoring from all over the pitch. Similarly, the wicketkeeper has elevated his game to new heights and is now often considered the worlds greatest finisher.

Who is best opener in IPL?

5 best openers in IPL historyShane Watson. Watson possessed the ability to launch the ball into the stands at will. Chris Gayle. Sticking to his name, the Universe Boss has played some of the most incredible knocks in the tournaments history. Rohit Sharma. David Warner. Shikhar Dhawan.31 Mar 2021

Who hit longest six in ODI?

A cricketer who had set the stage on fire in his heydays, Jacob Oram has the official record for the longest six in the history of ODI cricket. His shot of over 130 metres in a game against Trans-Tasman rivals Australia way back in 2005 came in the second innings off the bowling of Stuart Clark.

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