Question: What is the slang word drone mean?

a monotonous low tone; humming or buzzing sound. a person who speaks in a monotonous tone.

What does the phrase drone on mean?

: to speak for a long time in a dull voice without saying anything interesting She had trouble keeping awake as he droned on about himself.

What is the synonym of drone?

hum, buzz, whir, whirring, vibration, murmur, murmuring, purr, purring, hiss, hissing, whisper, whispering, sigh. 2students came to be regarded as drones supported by taxpayers money

What are three functions do drones possess?

Drones now have many functions, ranging from monitoring climate change to carrying out search operations after natural disasters, photography, filming, and delivering goods. But their most well-known and controversial use is by the military for reconnaissance, surveillance and targeted attacks.

What is opposite of drone?

Opposite of a continuous low humming sound. overachiever. quiet. silence. workaholic.

How do you say Contumelious?

0:121:00Pronunciation of Contumelious | Definition of - YouTubeYouTube

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