Question: Can Dimitri keep his eye?

Kusakihara: Actually, from the beginning, we didnt have in mind that he wore an eye patch. The eye patch is a symbol of having had a painful experience. In the Crimson Flower arc, the Kingdom conspired with the Church and was not invaded by the Empire, so both of Dimitris eyes are also still intact.

What happened to Dimitri?

Subsequently, news reaches Garreg Mach Monastery that Dimitri has died after his forces were decimated routing the Imperial Army at the Battle of Gronder Field.

What chapter does Dedue come back?

Dies during the timeskip if the paralogue War for the Weak was not completed. During Part II of the Azure Moon route, Dedue automatically gains 4 level-ups upon returning.

What happens if you dont do Dedues Paralogue?

Trivia. If this mission is not completed, Dedue will die during the timeskip. This makes this the only paralogue in the game that will ultimately decide a units fate.

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