Question: How do you unlock Rainbow Town Fgo?

Completing the Free Quest Nightless Castle will unlock this Free Quest permanently.

What does rainbow mean in Fgo?

Rainbow is guaranteed SSR, gold gold sparks are SR. People tend to get them mixed up because they look similar. +3. by gemswiz 2 years 8 months ago. Rainbow guaranteed SSR, but gold can be either SR or SSR, depends on your luck...

How do you get good servants in Fgo?

FGO: 10 Pro Tips For Fate/Grand Order You Should Know3 Do Interludes On Your Favorites.4 Craft Essences For Supports. 5 Have a Mix Of Classes. 6 A Mix Of Rarities. 7 Using Mana Prisms. 8 Complete The Story. 9 Prioritize Events. 10 Do Your Daily Quests. •27 Jan 2020

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